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Longview Senior Living and Rehabilitation

When you require skilled care to regain your health and strength after a hospitalization, or long-term care, choose the expert team at Treviso Transitional Care.

Our experienced and highly skilled clinicians are dedicated to developing a personalized program designed to meet your individual needs. Your recovery will begin with a comprehensive assessment by members of our team.


To provide superior clinical care, rehabilitation, wellness, and supportive services that meet the wants, needs, and expectations of our patients and residents – while achieving “quadruple aim” goals of better individual health care, better population health, lower costs and improved clinician experience – and drive performance and outcomes that are consistent with the demands of acute care partners and payor organizations.


To provide integrated post-acute health care, accountable care, services and technology that reduce rehospitalizations, generate quality clinical outcomes and customer service, navigate patients cost-effectively through post-acute care, and reduce costly outliers for providers, while developing industry-leading programs and capabilities and growing relationships with strategic partners.

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